Perpetual Motion Machines A Complete Analysis



Welcome to! This website is dedicated to the thermodynamic analysis of perpetual motion machines. You might be asking yourself, Why would anybody want to do such a thing? Well let me give you my explanation. Anybody who has studied thermodynamics will understand almost immediately why certain devices do not work; that is to say that they break the fundamental laws of thermodynamics. Well for those who have not studied thermodynamics these ideas can be quite elusive. In fact as a result of this is why there are so many of these machines that have been designed and many of them even patented! Therefore one of the main goals of this site is to offer an instructive database that points out these fundamental flaws in the design of these machines.

Besides the aforementioned goal a secondary goal is to offer a fun way to aid in the learning of the fundamental concepts of thermodynamics. So welcome and I hope everyone enjoys exploring the databases of perpetual motion machines!

Note: This is a side project for me and the posting of my analysis of thesis machines will certainly be slow so please check back often!

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